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I was born in Spain and lived internationally in countries such as the UK, Chile and Sweden for over 10 years. 
I graduated in Marketing and Public health, but one of my biggest passions has been always working towards more sustainable food systems. I was involved with organizations such as FAO and Malmö  Stad.
In 2020, after graduating with an MA in Sustainability Leadership at Malmö University, I received the Leapfrogs scholarship to work with my own project called Grow it, which consisted of repurposing coffee grounds to grow oyster mushrooms. 

This was the beginning of my entrepreneurial career. Today I am the CEO and Founder of Go Cirkulär, where I use circular economy models to contribute to the local places where we operate and, with the help of our customers and citizens, we can achieve stronger circular communities.
Go Cirkular's goal is to upcycle ingredients that would end up in waste and to produce skincare products that are good for the skin and the planet, making her start-up concept very rare within the skincare sector.
We are part of Medeon Incubator and other entrepreneurial networks such as Minc, Innovation Skåne, Drivhuset and Malmö University, LTH among others.

Picture of Go Cirkulär founder Irene Atance, sitting in café

I wanted to create a brand that resonates to sustainable wellbeing of the new generations. Taking care of your body&mind is an important part of our everyday journey and for us, sustainability begins in your bathroom. 

by Irene Atance